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1-Ton Power Wagon Dodge called it the General Purpose Power Wagon; 1946-1968 WDX-WM300, the civilian truck with the military look. Also has come to be known as the flat fender Power Wagon, abbreviated FFPW

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FFPW wipers

How does one know if a power wagon had a wiper or dual wiper option. I've got one that has wiper shaft holes above the windshield and removable cover panels inside but there is nothing there. Can someone tell me if this indicates that it had wipers and they have been removed. Does anyone know what the correct vacuum motor would be for a 51. Thanks,
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Doc Dave
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Welcome to the PW "family"!
YOu pose a good question. I have a '52, which is the same series of truck that you have. In my case I had the deluxe cab, which means it had a few extras such as an arm rest for the drive, etc. I believe it also means it might have had electric wipers as an option originally, but my truck has vacuum motors.
The vacuum motors are Trico brand. I had them rebuilt by the "wiperman" in N.Y. City.
I would suggest you buy a shop manual and parts book for your truck; VPW should have them or check on Ebay. Eric Bannerman who goes by "townwagon" on his Ebay store also has a lot of PW literature. I can check my parts book later, and I will see.
I wonder if your truck was bare bones, or if the wiper motors were removed and they put a solid cover for the valence area - that is the area up above the windshield where the wiper motors were.
Perhaps someone else will post as to whether they could be ordered without a wiper, but I doubt it.
Another option for you, check in the archives on this site as well as Joe's PW forum site.
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Jerry Henry
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My '46 WDX only has one hole in the cab. It came to me with a 6v electric motor, which I changed to a 12v motor when I rewired the truck to 12v.
I am sure it originally was a vacuum motor, but that is beside the point.'
I can't imagine Dodge building and selling a truck without wiper motors, especially one that had holes in the cab. If they weren't going to install motors, they undoubtedly would not have made the holes in the cab.
I'm sure someone removed the motors from that truck at some point. Is there a switch on the dash that might have controlled electric wiper motors?
Jerry in Idaho

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Tom Petroff
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The way I understand is that the right wiper was an option until later in the fifties when two became standard equipment.
Vacuum wipers were standard,electric was an option with the switch in the same hole on the wiper cover were the vacuum push/pull rod and knob would be

As Jerry said his truck only had one hole which would be correct if the Passenger side wiper wasn't optioned.
Also if your truck has two empty holes someone obviously removed them.
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