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1-Ton Power Wagon Dodge called it the General Purpose Power Wagon; 1946-1968 WDX-WM300, the civilian truck with the military look. Also has come to be known as the flat fender Power Wagon, abbreviated FFPW

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Hurricane Bob
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Windshield weatherstrip install

Bought a new windshield weatherstrip from VPW . When installing it on the frame it seems to be about 2 inches to big . When you lay the weatherstrip on the frame its bigger than the frame. I tried to install it and it doesn't fit am I doing something wrong is there a secret to installing it help!!
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Windshield frame seal installation

Similar experience here. I've done a few searches for replacement pics or vids and have not found any - except a few general descriptions.

So..we're gonna do a full video of the process - step by step this week (10/15/16) of a windshield removal, cleanup, and installation of the seal.

Will also do a short video of the removal, refurb/cleanup and re-installation of the window regulator assembly.

The overall process will be documented on the http://www.flyingtigertransport.com site and linked to their Youtube vids.

Dave in Baltimore
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Excellent! I look forward to the video.
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Windshield Seal - Prep and Installation video- Youtube.

Here's the direct link to our removal and replacement of the WM300 DODGE Power Wagon windshield seal.

It took a bit of additional contact cement to get the corners to set. Temperature and humidity was ag'n us.

The VPW seal fit perfect - as long as you dont' stretch it out.

We did not show the re-installation because it was a bit of an ordeal to get the new alignment with those pesky hinge adjustments. Also, I never realized how much I could cuss on video! But we finally got it done with Chaz pressing in on the base of the window at the regulator attachment point. Probably would have helped if we heated up the rubber with a hair dryer a bit to make it more pliable in the cold weather.

Done now, with no leaking. We also removed and readjusted the center regulator and will post more on that as a Project on www.flyingtigertransport.com site.

WINDOW SEAL REDO - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBx...jBRC_TSzG-myiw
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