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1-Ton Power Wagon Dodge called it the General Purpose Power Wagon; 1946-1968 WDX-WM300, the civilian truck with the military look. Also has come to be known as the flat fender Power Wagon, abbreviated FFPW

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iNTRO... looking at a PW

been a few years since on... found a PW, trying to figure a price...owner has not even given a range (worried when i hear that since means they think they have gold).... so hoping the collective wisdom of the PW community can help establish a price ... in ontario canada
engine supposedly seized, most glass needs replacing, frame seems solid, presume needs everything, looks like another bed from something else (wrong fenders) has fargo tailgate (wrong), no winch setup nor does it look like it has anything for a winch beyond the bumper?

not sure year, hope the data tag is legible

pix located here


sorry for the long hiatus, life got in the way of the PW fever!
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Matthew Welcher PWA
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That looks like a decent starter project, As far as a price it is hard to say and in this day and age you never know. There are 2 prices on a Power Wagon, what you are willing to pay and what he is willing to take. Does the truck have a clean title?
1967 W200
1946 WDX
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Hi Parallax This Truck has been sold. Pretty neat truck actually. It IS in fact a 1958 Fargo. With the small 7:50 tires it was a giveaway that it had 4.89s. It also states it on the door tag. It is a winch truck which is gone, cross angles are there and so is the Pto. Original owner (not the guy selling it) says it had a Flat pulley thingy on the back!!! (which is gone). Also Had a drawbar on it yet only the angle brackets on the rear cross member remain.
I actually looked at this truck almost 30 years ago (It was Not for sale then)
when it was outside Fenelon Falls in a drive shed. The one Bad was the Frame is Done, Done ,Done... Nice Find Parallax
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