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M-Series Dodge M37, M42, M43, V41, M601 M37 3/4 ton cargo truck, M42 command truck, M43 ambulance, V41 telephone maintenance truck, M601, and any variants

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The Other Ross
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Cool. Forgive me if it's old news

1964 w300 440 9' utility bed
1972 w200 440-III,445 4 speed,Dana 60's w L/S
1975 d500 flatbed dump
1990 D350 Cummins 5 speed one ton flatbed(ugly maybe donor for ???)
1998 3500 12 valve Cummins Quadcab 4x4 Dually
Various and sundry IH farm and construction equipment
Not enough firearms
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Amazing talent. I love watching these builds.
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Old 08-10-2017, 10:54 PM   #3
Matt Wilson
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Yeah, that is really impressive! It's amazing how he got the paint to look like the old paint patina.
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