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How I Got Started & Why I Like Dodges Tell us how you got interested in old Dodges and why you like them,
or some sort of explanation for your disease...

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34 Ford 1 Ton

That was the first old truck I ever noticed, it was about 25 years ago. My father-in-law, an extreme Ford fan, and I had to stop and look. I still have a faint memory of being impressed with the quality and design of the hubcaps, with Henry's distinctive V8. Also, the body lines just sucked me in. Don't know if the truck was from NW IND. but it was rusty enough to be, so we admired it and moved on. The seed was planted.

A couple of months later, driving down a side street in our town, I found a complete solid 34- 1/2ton, it was mine the next day. Of course a complete redo followed. I don't remember how long I had it, but it was finally traded to a concrete contractor for a foundation.

Then came an assortment of other pickups, This GMC being one of my favorites.


I don't know why I sold it, somehow you just loose interest.

After another GMC I was pretty sure that the 54-55 GM body style was the only one I cared for.

But I was wrong. This jeep came up for sale in our local auto mag, it already had a Cummins, a gear vendor unit and a bunch of other mods. It was an ambulance nut the body was rough, so I thought I would strip the body and use the drive train. After a year of driving I really started to like the interior, so decided to modify and keep. Here it is with a new NV4500, 205 transfer case, AAM rear axle and home made pickup conversion.


This video was taken in an effort to sell the truck. This one was a keeper
but a move to a different house and major remodeling required the cash, so it had to go. At least my love of that Jeep put me in a good frame of mind, so it didn't leave the driveway for less than the full price. I still miss that truck. I see it occasionally, the guy sprayed the whole truck with bed liner and did an awful job, runs, gobs, looks like a giant stood next to it and blew his nose.

Which brings me here. I thought the truck thing was over, but, I saw it!
My wife and I would drive to a place we enjoy once or twice a month, and each time we would pass an aqua w white top 59 4x4 Town Wagon, at first I thought it was one of the ugliest vehicles I'd ever seen. This went on for a year, gradually I changed my mind, so I had to stop and visit.
$6500, pretty solid but holes in the front floor boards, the inner fenders and behind the rear wheels, seemed like too much, plus we were still recovering financially.

We keep driving by but no one is ever home, after about six months I finally find someone home, his wife, he is out of town but now I have his
cell#, until, I lose it.

Nearly two years later, I've made up my mind I want it, also it's been there for so long I'm sure he'll take much less for it, as we drive by the truck is gone.

The end result is that I'm now familiar with the late 50's early 60's Power Giant and that's what I want, probably going to be a roller and brush job,
don't want to worry about shiney paint.

Also have been thoroughly enjoying the website after just discovering it.

Thanks to everyone for all of their contributions.
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Gordon Maney
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A great history.... welcome to the asylum!
Power Wagon Advertiser monthly magazine, editor & publisher.

Why is it that the inside of old truck cabs smell so good?
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