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Hi all , my name is Tony Sims , i am from South Australia , and have recently purchased , {around 18 months ago } a beautifully stored 1948 Plymouth P15 . It had been stored for the last 48 years , so needless to say it is in very good condition . My dream has always been to have an old car in nice condition , and my fanticy has been to have a tricked up flathead 6 so i could do a simple transplant . Well things have slowly taken place and i have had a 230 cubic inch Dodge Kew tricked up a little . The mods include , rebored to 250 cubic inch , balanced everything , forged pistons , full race cam , full race head and inlet manifold , imported from you guys over there in Edgy land , it also had electronic fuel injection , ( hidden inside the carbys ) , and a supercharger strapped on top . All this work was done not too far from my home by a gentleman that has a website .....Flatattack ..his engine building reputation is astounding , so i have no doubt it will hold together ok , as its just a sleeper , not a hoon car , so it wont be flogged . My question to someone out there with better knowledge than me is ...will a M6 fluid drive be tough enough to handle such a motor , as its a perfect solution to having a 4 speed auto in the car , i have put this gearbox in the car already just to see how it would drive and i was very impressed , so i guess i would like to know just how strong they are , as i cant find much info on them . Has anyone already have one in their car maybe . Thank you in advance to anyone that can help in any way , kind regards Simsy.
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