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WWII Dodge VC, VF, WC 1/2 ton, WC 3/4 ton, including weapons carriers, carryalls, command cars, ambulances, & WC 1-1/2 ton 6X6

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1/2 ton WC headlights

Do 1/2 ton WC headlight buckets use sealed beam bulbs? I'm looking through the boxes that came with the "Build Your Own WC 12" kit I bought. I'll have more questions cause things are a little different than the power wagon. I have to finish my "Build Your Own Power Wagon" kit first. The power wagon is ready for assembly on the finished running gears. Seems like it should only take weeks but it's been about 4 years since I tore it down. Jim
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Old 03-14-2017, 06:19 PM   #2
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Yes, sealed beams.
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Old 03-22-2017, 08:14 PM   #3
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ha ha

Thanks jbell, Its been so long since I wrote that question I didn't even recognize it as my own. I was like WOW someone else has a build your own wc 1/2 ton kit and the same question as me! It only took a minute for the memory kick in with well duh! I am the someone else.
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Love those Dodge kits

I think I owned every model of "Dodge build-it-kits". I seem to find the guys that never finish putting them together. They tear'em apart.........and then LIFE gets in the way. Or.......they are single guys when they started, still living at home with Mom & Dad. Then they got married......or got a job.........or both, and now with the kids....there's just no time for the Dodge kit, that they created. In fact the youngest child swallowed some of the nuts-n-bolts. And they never re-appeared. Hmmmm!
[/SIGPIC]David Buehn (ex "bubble-head") US Submarine USS Tunny, APSS-282, 1968-69 Viet Nam.
Specializing in WWII-Viet Nam era military and commercial Dodge trucks & parts
WWII....WC-3, WC-12, WC-10, WC-53, WC-62, WC-15,
1948 WDX and 1966 WM-300 Power Wagon[SIGPIC]
dbcolts@aol.com 714 310 9934, Indio, Ca.
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Can someone inform me as to whether the 1/2 ton headlight buckets are the same as the 3/4 tons?

Unfortunately, most of the trucks I've come across, both WC and Civilian, have some oddball headlights installed. I need a set for my WC53, and have a lead on some off of a WC9.
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